Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Parking lot ain't soft

Fell in the parking lot & lying there for (35) minutes because Night Mgr is an idiot. I banged up left knee, right foreman, & several bruises. She kept calling the Hospice # but the low battery light was on. The Mgr has another cordless phone + a cell phone. Guess Mgr didn't know. The Hospice operator wasted to know who keep hanging up.

Finally another resident got her phone & called in to Hospice. I am sure if I had a heart attack, I would be dead.

The Night Mgr is (85) years old, hard of hearing. Unless she is in her living room, you have to keep banging on door & ringing her door bell.

She panicked when anything goes wrong. Going to talk Memphis Supervisor next time from Memphis.

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